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The average life of a consumer hard drive is 3 years. Thereafter, hard drive failure may occur. In such event, we use cutting edge technology to recover data from failing or crash hard drive where possible. Our technician also recover deleted or corrupt data from the damage storage.


When it is taking your computer system a lengthy time for you to execute easy tasks, opening a folder in Windows Explorer or emptying trash, your computer’s drive is more than likely failing. These symptoms are quite often followed by drive failure (ordinarily within a month or two). In the case of your personal computer accessing files slowly, you may take into consideration having a experienced technician uninstall your operating system and re-installing it.


Whenever you hear an uncommon grinding or thrashing noise, it is most likely an indication that your disk drive is beyond repair. Such failures are frequently preceded by loud clicking noises. Therefor, it is very important for you, the user, to familiarize yourself with the sounds of a proper working drive to ensure that you will recognize the uncommon noises and will know instantly to turn of the machine when things don’t sound right to prevent further damage. and get in touch with Data Solutions for assistance.

Our prices

Pricing details for our services

# Service Price Features
1 Data recovery $60USD/hr Recovery of data does not include the cost to repair the computer. The recovered data is saved on a medium that is provide or purchased separately. Any software or utilities that is need for the recovery is billed for separately.

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